Simon Amstell: Numb

By on June 12, 2012 10:46am |
Simon Amstell: Numb

Simon Amstell concluded his 31 date tour entitled ‘Numb’ this weekend in London’s Shepherd’s Bush on very much a high point.

The show was set up very well from the beginning by the warm up act, Daniel Simonsen who is an up and coming Norwegian comedian. He did an excellent job of entertaining the newly arrived audience with his easy going demeanour and ‘old school’ style of comedy before the main star arrived.

Members of the audience of Amstell’s BBC Two sitcom ‘Grandma’s House’ would have been familiar with much of the first few minutes of the routine as it was heavily lifted from the script of the final episode of the most recent series. Far from being repetitive, it was insightful to hear the anecdote that was the inspiration behind of one of the scenes of the show. Amstell in ‘Numb’ was utterly hilarious, and in the most intelligent way. He was funny, but also very philosophical. Thought provoking to say the least, Amstell musings were enlightening and refreshing whilst never losing any of the entertainment value. Near the beginning of the show he promises to make the audience think and he certainly does not fail in this endeavour. Everything talked about, especially the parts pertaining to his personal relationships were voiced with poignancy and the self deprecation that he always does so well, once again did not disappoint.  It was almost as if Amstell wrote the routine as a great catharsis that needed to be played out onto the stage, even at one point seemingly exasperated exclaiming ‘this is my life, not just a fun night out!’ to a room already in stitches.  The fragility of Amstell was believable and endearing and really allowed him to connect and relate to the audience.

After being away from stand up comedy for a fairly long time, Simon Amstell returned on this tour with a comedic masterpiece that is razor sharp yet also deeply personal and touching.

It’s Kinda Cool Score: 5/5