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What to Watch this Week (April 16th)

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What to Watch this Week (April 16th)

Monday 16th April

8pm Dara O’Briain: School of Hard Sums – Dave The stand up comic gets as close here as TV probably can to making maths fun. Fellow egghead Professor Marcus du Sautoy sets O’Briain a series of puzzles in accessible, practical terms which get harder to answer and need real sums to answer. Joining him this week is David O’Doherty, making us at home feel less bad about getting the answers only half right!

9pm Embarrassing Bodies – Channel 4 Not for the squeamish or faint at heart, and definitely not one to watch whilst eating! This week the Doctors deal with unusual breasts, a girl having trouble going to the toilet, a man with a pimple on his penis and the worst tooth decay that dentist Dr James Logan has ever seen!

10pm Ten Things I Hate About.. – Channel 5 New Series taking off the rose tinted glasses on a stroll down memory lane, tonight’s episode focuses on 1995 – was it Brit Pop or Robson and Jerome topping the charts? And how were kids conned into playing with discs of cardboard, more commonly known as pogs?


Tuesday 17th April

9pm I Woke up Gay – BBC3 Documentary about 21 year old Chris Birch who used to be a rugby playing lad who had a girlfriend and worked in a bank but his life was radically changed when he had a stroke and is now a gay hair dresser with interests in fashion and interior design. The documentary follows Chris as he tries to adapt to his new personality and life, and attempts to reconnect with his old friends.


9pm The Undateables – Channel 4 The final episode in the touching series sees Sam, a 27-year-old actor with Downs syndrome try to find someone to share his life with, Hadyn, a 24-year-old skater with Crouzon syndrome try to overcome his shyness in approaching women with the help of his twin brother, and Kali who has Williams syndrome searches for a new boyfriend.

10pm Bridget Jones’s Diary – ITV2 Classic romantic comedy starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. London singleton begins her new year with the resolution to find love, move up the career ladder and give up smoking. A daunting task, fraught with ‘emotional f**k wits’, liars and snooty lawyers at every turn. But will Bridget succeed as she deals with life throwing what seems like every conceivable hurdle in her way?


Wednesday 18th April

9pm The Apprentice – BBC1 This week Lord Sugar has the contestants devise a fitness class but will it be Team Phoenix or Team Sterling who takes the gold?

9pm 127 Hours – Film4 James Franco is caught between a rock and another rock in a gruelling, real-life story from Danny Boyle.

10.45  Batman Begins – ITV2 Action fantasy starring Christian Bale. When the parents of a young Bruce Wayne are killed, the youth becomes eaten up with a desire for revenge.


Thursday 19th April

9pm Louis Theroux: Extreme Love – BBC2 Theroux is back to his best, being kind and unpushy to exhausted and sometimes upset parents in this uncomfortable documentary about trying to cope with having often highly disruptive and sometimes violent autistic children.

10pm Celebrity Juice – ITV2 Comedy quiz hosted by the raucous Kieth Lemon with team captains Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby. This week they are joined by DJ Greg James and Katy B.

11.20 The Wrestler – Film4 Sports drama starring Mickey Rourke. A former champion wrestler is reduced to doing supermarket work and small time weekend bouts to pay his bills. So when he ends up in hospital, it looks as though he must throw the towel in.