Gadget Show Live 2012 Coverage

By on April 13, 2012 7:58pm |
Gadget Show Live 2012 Coverage

On the 10th of April this year the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham once again played host to the third annual Gadget Show Live where technology and generally geeky companies gather from all over the world to show off their newest gadgets and gizmos ranging from the latest gaming computer set-ups to high-tech cat litter trays!

This year I attended on behalf of ItsKindaCool.com to take a look at the most exciting available and upcoming gadgets and to have more than a few plays on some rather cool gaming simulators, but that part was mainly for my own pleasure!

One of the first stands that caught my eye was a small company with their new iPad gaming peripherals called ‘Pieces’, essential the products are pieces of material that are the same conductivity as a human finger which come in the shape of for example, air hockey bats which can then be played against an opponent on your iPad via the free ‘Pieces’ app. Although you could simply play such games with your hands the physicality of having something so simple in your hands just gave the game an extra sense of enjoyment and realism.

Of course the Gadget Show Live wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for the numerous gaming companies showing off their newest games and the best ways to play them, in this section of the show the highlight would have to be the hydraulic piston controlled driving simulators scattered around the exhibition which created an unparalleled driving experience with the gamer physically feeling every bump in the road and each sloppy gear change (partly my fault!) with the crowed king of these being the new ‘TL1 Racing, Flight, and First-Person Shooter Simulator’ released by Motion Simulation, which offers complete gaming immersion via a 2 metre wide, 180 degree wrap-around screen powered by up to three high definition projectors allowing the player to drive, fly or shoot their way through the most seamless and realistic gaming environments they have ever been in.

And finally, The Gadget Show Live is also an excellent opportunity to check out new advancements in consumer technology and to see what companies have been working on for the coming year. On display this year were a variety of technologies but I believe that some of the most exciting include the availability of new larger and more importantly cheaper OLED TVs due to the mass production and marketing of them by corporations such as LG and Sony and the development of motion-sensing technology for gaming since game developers have now had a chance to work with the technology’s full potential over the last year.