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Dan Radcliffe Tops Under 30 Rich List

By on April 10, 2012 6:30pm |
Dan Radcliffe Tops Under 30 Rich List

Once again our favourite boy wizard has managed to top The Sunday Times annual rich list in the UK actors under 30 category. The list will be published in full on the 29th of April but sneak previews have been released already in the shape of the aforementioned category and the UK musicians under 30 list.

It’s estimated that Radcliffe’s latest film “The Woman in Black” increased his wealth last year (£48m) up to a staggering £54,000,000! The other two thirds of the golden trio feature respectively at numbers five and six with a very respectable £26m for Emma Watson (who is also on the models list) and £24m for Rupert Grint.

But it’s another Hogwarts Alum who’s made the biggest increase from last year in the shape of Robert Pattinson who has increased his fortune from £32m in 2011 to £40m this year.

There’s only one new entry in this years list – Rosie Huntington Whitely – who is at joint eighth with Kimberly Walsh and Sarah Harding, of Girls Aloud fame, with an estimated worth of £5m. The former Victoria’s Secret model starred in Transformers: Dark of the Moon last year.

We’ll bring you more news on the full Sunday Times Rich List as it becomes available!

The top 10 richest UK actors aged 30 and under are as follows:


1. Daniel Radcliffe – £54m

2. Robert Pattinson – £40m

3. Keira Knightley – £30m

4. Kiera Chaplin – £28m

5. Emma Watson – £26m

6. Rupert Grint – £24m

7. Lily Cole – £8m

8. =Sarah Harding – £5m

8. =Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – £5m

8. =Kimberley Walsh – £5m1