A Chat with Emmerdale’s Roxanne Pallett

By on January 25, 2012 9:38am |
A Chat with Emmerdale’s Roxanne Pallett

It’s Kinda Cool got a chance to interview Roxanne Pallet last night. She has stared in the hit series, Emmerdale, appeared Casualty, and has recently taken to the ice, with Dancing on Ice. Find out what shes upto next, including information about her role in Waterloo Road.

Roxanne Pallett

Are you going to be a regular character in Waterloo Road?

Oooh. You’ll have to wait and see! She’s quite a controversial character so they’re having fun with her. But I’m currently filming Casualty at the same time so I’m juggling two really emotional characters and I’ve been doing a lot of crying. (Laughs)

What kind of storylines have you got in those?

Waterloo Road she’s a girl who’s lost her mum and in Casualty I’m playing someone very aggressive with anger management issues so I’m exhausted. And as you might be able to tell I’m black and blue from fight scenes! (Points to a bruise on her arm and says ‘That’s from Casualty’)

Is that a real injury?

Yeah, we get stuck in!

As a 29 year old was it weird playing someone at school?

It was actually putting on the school uniform yeah. It takes you back to your school days.

Obviously you were in the paper a couple of weeks ago (some thugs attacked her on a train with dogs). How are you feeling? Are you getting trains anymore?

Oh yeah, I’m fine. I’m good with the train thing. The police are handling it. They’ve made an arrest so that’s good.

But are you over it or are you still…

It was a shock at the time but I’m really pleased that the police are handling it because I wouldn’t like to see it happen to anyone else. That’s fine now. Thank you.

Are you heavily involved…

I’m doing them kind of simultaneously. They’re two fantastic shows and I’ve watched them both so its exciting to be part of them.

Are you playing a nurse of a doctor or…

No I’m a bit of an intruder. You’ll just have to wait and see.

So are you excited to be involved with Waterloo Road. It won an NTA last year.

I know, it’s a fantastic drama and like Denise Welch, Robson Green, it’s had a lot of fantastic actors coming out of it so it’s been a pleasure yeah. Great writing.

Who are you working with? What characters?

George Sampson. I have a few scenes with him and he is fantastic to work with. He’s really nice and really fun. He said he’d teach me how to dance. He obviously didn’t see me on ice! (Roxanne did Dancing on Ice in 2009).

When are we going to see you on screen?

I think it’s March/April time.

Have you been watching this series of Dancing on Ice?

I have. Absolutely. I watch it every year and cheer on Daniel who was my partner. I think him and Jen are doing really well. And I’ve got a soft spot for Chico too. Thank you.