Major ‘Glee’ spoiler on Kurt/Blaine and Finn/Rachel relationships

By on September 30, 2011 2:47pm |
Major ‘Glee’ spoiler on Kurt/Blaine and Finn/Rachel relationships

Ausiello has revealed a major spoiler from episode 5 ‘The First Time’ regarding the relationships of Kurt/Blaine and Finn/Rachel.

He reported:

Question: It definitely seems like Episode 5 will have a few Finchel scenes. Is there anything you could tell us about that? —Sussi
Ausiello: That’s the understatement of the decade, Sussi. While next week’s “Asian F” showcases Mercedes and Mike like never before, the Nov. 8 episode puts Rachel and Kurt — and their respective relationships with Finn and Blaine — front and center. In a big, big way. How big we talking? Well, according to a Glee insider, Episode 5 finds the Wicked BFFs both losing their virginity. Appropriately, the title of the ep is “The First Time.”

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